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5 Simple Steps To Presenting

5 Simple Steps to Presenting Most business presentations start with a generic boring problem we are all solving, tons of statistics that make no sense and an ending that we never get to because we have already tuned out due to sheer boredom. We all love a great story!

How Does Your B2B Marketing Automation Stack up

Enjoy Our Marketing Automation Series How Does Your B2B Marketing Automation Stack up (1/2) Choosing Your B2B Marketing Automation Solution (2/2)   How Does Your B2B Marketing Automation Stack up CMO Perspective As a long time marketer + techie, it is no surprise that marketing automation is on the mind of every CMO. While the […]

What are the Top e-commerce Countries

What are the top e-commerce countries. Let’s take a look at the top e-commerce countries in the world and what makes them unique as the e-commerce industry grows to $4 trillion in 2025.  As we explore these top countries, consider how your organization fits into the e-commerce economies either locally or within your target audience.

How Often Do You Create Content? Developing a Content Strategy.

How often do you create content?  Developing a Content Strategy. This is the biggest question and challenge most organizations face today. Research continues to show 60% do not have enough time devoted to content creation as the main factor to marketing success. But we know content is important. Research by Hubspot points that 1-2 blogs […]