Case Study



This IaaS startup in Africa offered cloud storage services and computing power to its SMB market with little competition.


While priced higher compared to other international IDCs due to its heavy initial investment, it lacked justification to its customers on its pricing model. Early adoption was slow and with new regional competition entering the market soon, the company lacked a value proposition that resonated with its customers and segment.

Our approach was to create a marketing strategy ecosystem to incorporate all parts of communication from stakeholders. The focus was to address:

  • New Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Engagement Initiatives
  • Product Expansion
  • Innovation


Pricing perception is more positive, adoption increasing and more competitive in the market with its revised value proposition. Reached its revenue goals for 2015 and on track for 2016 while reducing its EBIT to reach positive by 2017. Partnerships with developers and universities has increased. SaaS platform to be released in 2017. Communication from all stakeholders increased innovation on the product with new local apps and improved customer engagement processes.

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