A Remote Workforce is Smarter

June 15, 2020

By Frank Trevino


A Remote Workforce is Smarter

Technology is always giving us a glimpse of the future and how we run our business.  But, we always seem to resort back to our comforting ways with technology as more of a want than a need when it comes to remote working.  COVID-19 is forcing us to rethink how we should operate a business.  Face to face always seems best, but when we start looking at how remote working impacts our environment, livelihood and bottom line, then a remote workforce has its benefits.

Commuting – How much time do we all spend commuting to and from work.  In my earlier days, I would spend 2 hours a day in my vehicle, and that was a good day.  2 hours x 5 days a week x 48 weeks a year = 480 hours a year pr 20 days in my vehicle.   Imagine what we could each do with an extra 20 days a year.  Let’s not forget also the amount of money saved by reducing our commuting time.  Individuals can save more than $10,000 a year from gas consumption and wear & tear on their vehicle.

Carbon print – We are still in the early stages of electric vehicles with the majority of vehicles relying heavily on petroleum.  The U.S. Department of Transportation reports that burning on gallon of gasoline creates about 20 pounds of CO2, which means the average vehicle creates roughly 6-9 tones of CO2 each year.  By remote working, we can make an immediate impact on our carbon footprint.

Urban costs – One of the biggest challenges employees face is the cost of living in major cities.  In the US, San Francisco and New York are two of the highest locations to live.  Again, image the freedom to live anywhere in the US by working remote.  This reduces the cost of living burden most people face when working in a major city.  We are already seeing companies in the tech sector allowing remote working, which is also resulting in people leaving the Bay area with their new found freedom.

Office costs – Real estate needs are dramatically reduced when employees work remotely.  No need to rent out an entire office building when one or two floors are sufficient.  Also think about the cost savings required to operate an office.

Global talent pool – When you can hire from anywhere and not be concerned about things such as employee relocating or office space, well, this makes it an easy way to attract top talent.   As the talent pool grows, so does the opportunity to improve productivity and innovative thinking.

There are so many smart reasons for remote working that benefit the organization and its employees.  Yes, transitioning to a remote workforce has its challenges but tools are already available to not only stay productive but even offer improvements.   Productivity, cost savings, diverse workforce, and happier employees sounds like a smart for anyone.

Frank Trevino Illumulus

Frank Trevino is Co-Founder of ILLUMULUS.   A 20-year digital strategy veteran and expat with 10+ years executive leadership experience in technology, telco and the space sectors.

Frank’s digital transformation philosophy is to connect People, Products, Process, and Technology to turn data into digital assets.  As a proponent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, some current transformation projects include cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.