The New ‘Normal’

April 27, 2020

By Frank Trevino

Illumulus New Normal

A New ‘Normal’

COVID-19 has changed everything that we do today.  It has affected our daily lives and how we now do business today and in the future with the new ‘normal’.  In our global crisis, the right digital transformation strategy and solutions can help navigate uncertainty, adapt to our changing conditions and become more resilient in these challenging times.

Four areas impacted by COVID-19

As all organizations cope with the challenges with COVID-19, employee health is the most important at this time but companies also need to see the long-term impact and the new way of doing business.   From business continuity, agility, remote working, to the customer experience.  We take a quick look at some basic Digital Transformation strategies your organization can enable within each area and how to stay proactive in this crisis mode.

Business Continuity

COVID-19 has disrupted business and its ability to operate.  Develop your strategic plan to minimize disruption using cloud based and edge computing solutions for operations, data protection and communications.

Accelerate Agility

Operate anywhere is the new normal.  A strategic plan and roadmap to transition remotely with mobility, virtualization, and collaboration and ensure the needed cybersecurity parameters in place to protect your employees, clients and business.

Customer Experience

Social distancing is causing companies to quickly adapt to new models of engagement.  Create your new engagement models with digitization, automation and omnichannel experiences to maintain and enhance your customer experience.

Remote Workforce

Working remotely is the new normal, so learn how to engage your workforce and provide them right guidance and support.  Create a digital strategy to provide the right tools and process to keep your remote workforce involved, productive and empowered.

Moving Forward

While we can’t move the economy alone, we can put in place the right tools to move in steps now, but more importantly, having the right tools in place now allows your organization to be ready to move forward when the economy does start to pick up again.

Frank Trevino

Frank Trevino is Co-Founder of ILLUMULUS.   A 20-year digital strategy veteran and expat with 10+ years leadership experience working in technology, telco and the space sectors.

Frank’s digital transformation philosophy is to connect People, Products, Process, and Technology to turn data into digital assets.  As a proponent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, some current transformation projects include cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Frank’s accomplishments are recognized and featured in Yahoo Finance, Inc. Magazine, CNET, CBS, Geek News, Towards Data Science, Space News and is a winner of numerous Communicator Awards, a Silver Anvil Award, & two-time SBA Award.  Frank holds an MBA from the University of Houston and a BS from the University of Texas at Austin.